LuxuryRes' Property Management System Integration

Streamline Your Reservation Process

LuxuryRes’ Interfaces Seamlessly Interact with Your PMS

LuxuryRes' 1-Way and 2-Way PMS-Interfaces seamlessly integrate with your Property Management System, thereby streamlining your reservation process. Our interfaces comply with OTA standards, making the implementation process smooth and simple.

We interface with a large number of PMSs, however if your PMS is not listed below, we can easily add it.

LuxuryRes' PMS-Interface can help streamline your reservation processing by integrating with your Property Management System. LuxuryRes offers 1-Way and 2-Way Interfaces that seamlessly interact with your PMS. These interfaces are designed to comply with Open Travel Alliance (OTA) Standards to simplify implementation. LuxuryRes currently interfaces with numerous PMS's. Additional interfaces can be quickly added on request.


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