Email Marketing

Tired of your e-Marketing emails fizzling out in cyberspace?

LuxuryRes Email Marketing

The success of WIRED e-Marketing ad campaigns means they won’t just fizzle out in cyberspace. Our design team creates your rich HTML email ads with powerful Analytics that allow you to track a visitor’s click-path from the email ad,to your website, through to your Booking Engine’s “confirm” button

We Provide Detailed Results for Every Campaign...

  • HTML Email Design
  • Message Scheduling
  • Spam Score Checker
  • Open and Click-through Tracking
  • Bounce-Back Handling
  • Subscription List Handling
  • Integrated Opt-out Management
  • Industry Leading Deliverabilit
LuxuryRes Email Marketing
LuxuryRes Email Marketing

Create It • Transmit It • Track It

LuxuryRes creates rich HTML e-Marketing ads. LuxuryRes Analytics tracks the guest’s click-path from the email, to the Hotel Website, all the way to the "confirm" button on the Booking Engine.

LuxuryRes Analytics measures the ad results and provides insights that will enable you to repeat successes and avoid future mistakes.

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