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Integrated PMS, GDS and Online Reservation Systems

Our Property Management System and our Reservation Services work together to help grow your revenue.

LuxuryRes provides connections to multiple electronic booking channels to help you to sell more rooms: "Fast GDS”, Online Travel Agents, Website Booking Engine, Meta Sites, Google and more. You can manage your availability in all channels simultaneously via our simple "tablet-ready" user interface or via a direct integration with your existing property management system.

LuxuryRes provides an integrated channel management tool. You can control your PMS, GDS, online travel agents and website booking engine with a single click. We provide the option to manage your distribution (i) via our simple low-cost property management system or (ii) via a direct connection to your existing PMS. This channel management tool allows you to control pricing and availability in all of your sales channels simultaneously from your front desk.

LuxuryRes helps you generate more revenue online. We can provide you with the tools you need to compete effectively in today’s crowded online arena. We can provide you with all the online tools your need to attract guests and turn lookers into bookers: a "smart" website, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing...


01 New GDS "Fast" Connect"

LuxuryRes provides the new GDS "Fast Connect" service. We distribute your property’s reservation information in real-time via all Global Distribution Systems to all traditional travel agencies and online travel agents in the world. Our robust, "seamless" connections ensure that your property remains visible and bookable 24/7 in every GDS and IDS worldwide (Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, WorldSpan, Abacus, Infini, Pegasus) — Read More

02 Internet Booking Engine

A great Booking Engine is critical to your property’s success. LuxuryRes has been designing cutting-edge booking engines since 1998. Our Booking Engines produce more net revenue than any other potential booking channel. Our Booking Engines are stylish; easy to use, and mobile-friendly — Read More

03 Direct Connections to over 100+ OTAs

LuxuryRes provides direct connections to most online travel agents and meta-connect sites such as Expedia,, Kayak, etc. These direct-connects allow you to manage a large number of third-party sites from one central location. Reservations flow directly from OTAs into your PMS Read More

04 Dynamic Packaging

Increase your revenue by offering guests add-ons when they book via the booking engine. Configure package elements such as breakfast, parking, ski lift tickets, airport pick-up… the list is endless — Read More

05 Negotiated Rate Distribution

Business travelers book billions of dollars in hotel room-nights every year via Negotiated Rates. Don't let the big chain-hotels take your share of the business! Save time by managing bids and rate configuration via an online platform that conforms to multi-corporation bidding formats

06 Group Manager Module

Cut staff work and make booking more convenient for your groups. Allow your groups to book online. Manage group blocks, pricing, inventory, shoulder dates via a simple Groups Module

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01 Low-Cost Property Management Software

Our LXR PMS is an all-in-one hotel reservation and property management system designed for all types of small and medium-size properties. The LXR PMS is very inexpensive and will work on any type of computer – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or SmartPhone. It is easy to setup; easy to manage; and very low-cost — Read More

02 Integrate with your existing PMS

Already have a PMS that you like? We can seamlessly integrate our reservation services with your existing PMS. You can control rates and availability in your PMS and simultaneously manage all of your electronic reservation channels - OTAs, GDS, website booking engine and more. Reservations booked via these channels are automatically entered into your PMS — Read More

03 Integrated Channel Manager

Our channel management module will save you an immense amount of time by allowing you to manage rates and availability in multiple booking channels with a single click: OTAs, GDS, Booking Engine and more. No more logging into 5 to 10 OTA websites to change a single rate. What used to take an hour, now takes just a few seconds — Read More

04 Yield Management Strategies

The LuxuryRes Yield and Pricing Strategies are designed to increase your room revenue. Competitive-Set Pricing Strategy (CsPs) is based on both broad market studies and proprietary LXR pricing information. In summary, our data indicates that hotels that maintain LXR’s specified pricing differential relative to their Competitive-Set have an annualized RevPAR that is 3% to 9% higher than their Competitive-Set — Read More

05 Website Analytics

Transform traditionally complicated web analytic information into simple, presentation-ready reports. Learn how visitors navigate your site, track every action and understand what they are looking for, in real-time! — Read More

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01 Search Engine Marketing – FREE!

LuxuryRes will setup and manage your Google AdWords (pay-per-click) campaign for free! -
Increase qualified visitors to your website. - Defend your brand from OTAs who use your hotel name in their pay-per-click advertising to steal potential guests. - Track ad cost and revenue generated by using AdWords tracking code — Read More

02 Search Engine Optimization

90% of travelers start their journeys with a Search Engine. Your site is worthless if search engines and potential guests cannot find it. The LuxuryRes Search Engine Optimization team will insure that travelers can find you quickly and easily. Then we will tell you where they live, what kind of computer they use, even the search terms they entered to find your website. Even better, all of these clicks are free — Read More

03 Google Remarketing

Remarketing lets you show ads about your property to people who've visited your website. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the other websites, as they use mobile apps, or as they search on Google.

04 Online Display Ads

Target the right customers at the right time using the Google Display Network to promote your property. We can help you unleash the power of the Google Display Network. The network lets you automatically place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet to reach more potential customers.

05 Email Marketing & Tracking

LuxuryRes creates rich HTML e-Marketing ads. LuxuryRes Analytics tracks the guest’s click-path from the email, to the Hotel Website, all the way to the "confirm" button on the Booking Engine.
LuxuryRes Analytics measures the ad results and provides insights that will enable you to repeat successes and avoid future mistakes. — Read More

06 Consortia & Corporate Bidding

Participate in our Consortia programs and watch your sales grow! Business and Leisure travelers book billions of dollars in hotel room-nights every year via Consortia...don't let the big chain-hotels take your share of the business! — Read More

07 "Responsive" Website Design

To compete in today’s crowded online arena, a hotel’s website must be very "smart". Our website automatically adapts to the users’ browsers (including mobile). It is designed to work seamlessly with your overall Internet Marketing Strategy to effectively communicate, track and sell — Read More

08 Content Management System

Our website content management software is integrated into our Smart websites and allows you to easily modify your website content even if you have little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages. You can quickly modify your site’s content to insure that it is always fresh and up-to-date

09 Live-Leads - Analytics

Generate more sales leads. Forget cold calling! You want warm leads, warm calls, "heads-in-beds". The LuxuryRes Live-Lead Generator, allows you to see when interested people are active on your Website. In real time, you can click to get their contact information, and even catch them while they’re still looking at your Web pages! — Read More

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GDS and Cloud-Based Hotel Reservation Systems to improve your bottom line

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